Hummingbird Music

Hummingbird Music Group was established in 2014 by sisters Jo Taylor and Hannah Kidd both music graduates from University of Sheffield. We both had children at the same time and found ourselves singing many of the songs that our Grannie sang with us as children. This inspired us to set up a group where parents could learn (or relearn!) songs that they could sing at home with their child. Our baby groups focus on parents singing to their baby; we encourage parents to face their babies as they sing knee bounces, peek a boo songs and lullabies. Our all age sessions are very lively and we sing songs that encourage jumping and moving to explore musical elements like dynamics, pitch, tempo using things like scarves, shakers, claves, parachutes and bubbles.


11.30 drop in baby group for babies from birth to movers


9.30, 10.10 and 10.50 pre booked all age sessions.

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